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Interior Detailing
Image by Bram Van Oost

Premium Interior Package

Interior Detailing

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Water Extraction on Seats & Carpets to remove virtually all stains

Rubber Floor Mats restored to a Rich Black

Leather Conditioning to hydrate dry leather

Headliner Stain removal

Plastics Dressed for richer blacks and UV protection

From $219



Additional surcharge for larger vehicles (+$15 Sedan, +$30 Truck/SUV, +$45 Large SUVs/Minivans)

Additional surcharge for vehicle condition (Excessive dirt, stains, spills, pet hair, etc)

Standard Interior Package

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Most Popular!

Interior Detailing

Floors & Seats are Vacuumed and Cleaned

Upholstery is Cleaned and Shampooed


Interior Surfaces are Cleaned and Shampooed

Spot Clean light Interior Stains

Interior Windows Cleaned

Trunk is Vacuumed

From $149



Additional surcharge for larger vehicles (+$10 Sedan, +$20 Truck/SUV, +$30 Large SUVs/Minivans)

Additional surcharge for vehicle condition (Excessive dirt, stains, spills, pet hair, etc)

Our commitment at Detail Haus.

Your car’s interior is more than just a place to sit and drive. It’s where you spend hours of your time, whether it’s commuting, travelling or running errands. It’s where you enjoy your music, your conversations and your comfort. It’s also where dirt, dust, spills and stains can accumulate over time, affecting your car’s appearance and hygiene.

That’s why at Detail Haus, we offer interior detailing packages that will make your car look and feel like new.

Our standard interior detailing package includes:

  • Vacuuming all carpets, floor mats, and seats

  • Shampooing and steaming upholstery and seats to remove stains and odours

  • Cleaning and steaming dashboards, consoles, door panels and cup holders

  • Cleaning of windows, mirrors and sunroofs 

  • Door scuffs and salt stains removed

But we don’t stop there. We also offer premium packages that will take your car’s interior to the next level of excellence. Our premium packages include:

  • Applying UV protection to dashboards, consoles and door panels to prevent sun damage

  • Water Extraction on seats and carpets to get the deepest stains and grime out

  • Leather conditioned to keep it both soft and protected from future damage

  • Enhancement of trim pieces for deeper blacks

  • The trunk is cleaned and vacuumed, with shampooing and water extraction if needed.

At Detail Haus, we care about your car as much as you do. That’s why we use only high-quality, eco-friendly products and techniques that are safe for your car and the environment. Our passion is detailing cars, and we live by that. If we wouldn't do it to our car, we wouldn't do it to yours.

So don’t wait any longer. Contact us today at Detail Haus to book your interior detailing appointment. We will come to you wherever you are in Barrie or the surrounding areas with our mobile service, all we need access to is your water and electricity. You will be amazed by how much of a difference our interior detailing can make for your car.

Detail Haus is where Luxury meets Convenience.

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